If you want to get in touch, check which is the main reason, in fact due to time constraints I would be available mainly for the following reasons.

Would you like to request a consultation?

I have been running technical assessment as well as mentoring and coaching sessions. If you have a project you'd like to review, or discuss other topics such as how to improve company culture, collaboration and efficiency, do not hesitate to keep in touch.

Get in touch.

Are you interested discussing opportunity in relation to activism?

I have dedicated numerous years to activism, with a primary focus on Italy. However, in our interconnected world, I recognize that the significant challenges we confront demand a broader, more inclusive, and global perspective. Issues like the climate crisis, immigration, emerging technologies, and their ramifications on the labor landscape necessitate a comprehensive, worldwide approach.

As a result, I am committed to actively engaging in discussions and exploring opportunities to foster collaborative solutions that can contribute to a better future.

Ho dedicato numerosi anni all'attivismo, con un focus primario sull'Italia. Tuttavia, nel nostro mondo interconnesso, riconosco che le sfide significative che affrontiamo richiedono una prospettiva più ampia, più inclusiva e globale. Questioni come la crisi climatica, l’immigrazione, le tecnologie emergenti e le loro ramificazioni sul panorama del lavoro richiedono un approccio globale e globale.

Per questa ragione, ho deciso di impegnarmi attivamente nelle discussioni e ad esplorare opportunità per promuovere soluzioni collaborative che possano contribuire a un futuro migliore.

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