Multi-Level Marketing... I got some problem with that!

I just found the following video... and got a bit nervous about it!

The thing is that I find it ridiculous and, more important, the way it’s made is totally deceptive!
Especially the claim about the pyramid shape!

The real problem is NOT the shape of a pyramid in an organization but what “pyramid scheme” means in a Multi-Level Marketing!
In normal organizations the bottom of the pyramid could earn much less, but still they have an income, security, pension schemes, holidays and sickness! In MLM they don’t!
It’s true that who join is a sort of entrepreneur (and that it “could” be cheaper and less risky than opening your own company) but still effort to make its profits comparable to other jobs is presented in a deceptive way to people! The most of the others won’t be able to achieve that goal… you can blame them that they have not been constant or committed, or just not good enough, but this is not fair!

The reason it’s not fair is that who's making their way up need them in order to make the way up! As well, the way of attracting them into the business is to use their frustrations, their ambitions, their weakness… mainly the scam of earning huge amount of money without working!

It would be different if entry costs would be reduced and if it was presented as a way to make some money without the promise of a unrealistic fast track to success!

Multi-Level Marketing... I got some problem with that! Multi-Level Marketing... I got some problem with that! Reviewed by Nola on 11:31 AM Rating: 5

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